Guess, who’s this B-Town ‘lady-killer’?

Entertainment world follows its own norms. The laws here are quite different from the world we belong to. Incest – that’s an established taboo elsewhere, is ruthlessly violated within the secure four-walls of ‘lights, cuts and cameras.’ But seldom do we get any inkling of this, so water-tight the ‘compartment’ (entertainment industry) is made by the high priests who can make or mar the fortunes of ‘lesser mortals’ who tries to act smart (read peeping toms).

The author explores a certain sleazy facts the industry-wallahs seldom talks aloud… and compares it with similar incidences outside the industry….

The fizzy world of entertainment has a few more things to offer besides the usual chains of movies produced by it – that amuses you and elevate the protagonists to demigod’s stature. These demigods remain awe inspiring and are worshiped and even their statues adorn sanctum sanctorum of temples! Literally speaking, they are our role models.

According to industry’s grapevines, an azure-eyed beauty and a glowing entertainment diva till a couple of years ago was into a Lucifer’s trap. The man who now is his ‘honorable uncle’ was the one who shared bed with her! The same uncle ‘offer’ her to a few powerful and mighty individuals

Once on the full moon night – when darkness shrouded the entire metropolis, a black Cadillac wheezes past the sky-kissing towers of sea-facing Marine Drive – an up market locale. The car’s rear seat was graced by two eminent men – a top industrialist in a grey trouser, white shirt and the matching coat, while the second one was occupied by a pot-bellied balding politician.

On the driving wheel was a sophisticated man with his typical baritone voice. And besides him was a svelte bleary-eyed beauty. She was a prominent actress boasting of a large fan following across the country and beyond the nation’s shore. After forty-five minutes’ drive the car takes a turn towards a sea-facing villa surrounded by lush-green fronds of bougainvillea and the pleasant odor of Queen of Night flowers waft through the nostrils.

The Cadillac stopped gracefully in the porch of an imposing villa and the first who got down was a graying lanky man in his sixties with beard and he came across to the other side and opened the door. The damsel draped in fairy-white attire, gorgeous and tall bore a seductive look.

The men from the rear lazily emerged from the Cadillac and moved inside the villa. They came out, leaving behind the lady before sun rise and left for their respective abode. The bougainvillea shed little grey foliage that fell on the green grass beneath.

Later, the actor son of an eminent thespian married the actress! Guess who?

Now come out from the glittering make-believe world of fun and movies.  This Biblical narration is certainly shocking for you: “An old man and his two daughters left Zoar and settled in the mountains, for he was afraid to stay in Zoar. He and his two daughters lived in a cave. One day the older daughter said to the younger, ‘our father is old, and there is no man around here to lie with us, as is the custom all over the earth. Let’s get our father to drink wine and then lie with him and preserve our family line through our father’.”

It shows, the incest was part of social mores during those days. Now it is considered to be an abomination and disgraceful act demanding exemplary punishment for the perpetrators. In Lucknow, a ‘hakim’ made his several daughters pregnant! One of his daughters complained the matter to the local police and was arrested. He is now leading a shameful existence behind bar.

In another similar nauseating act, one father repeatedly raped his teenage daughter after the death of his wife and this continued for several months. He was a menial worker who was staying in one of the shanties of this bursting metro. Leading a life full of drudgery this mortal slogs his guts out to support the family of eight kids. Staying in a claustrophobic 10/8 cubicle where the sunrays dare not enter, the family used to sleep on the bare floor. ‘I was not in my senses as it all happened under the spell of drink,’ he confessed before the dumbstruck audience in a packed courtroom. The city court pronounced relatively lighter penalization, based on the fact that given the ‘claustrophobic’ living condition such trespasses cannot be ruled out!

In Jamshedpur, a vibrant industrial hinterland housing a few giant industries likes TISCO and TELCO manufacturing steel and automobiles, a father killed his daughter after raping her several times! He was lynched by the crowd outside the court premises. He met his nemesis. In yet another similar incidence, a professor’s son in a non-descript township of Sahebganj, in Jharkhand, had incestuous relation with his own sister. It reached to such a pass that on one occasion she even became pregnant! The entire town buzzed with the tale of the affairs involving the siblings.

From Nicaragua to New Zealand, from Ireland to Iceland, from Afghanistan to Argentina there are virtually no lands that can claim to be immune from this syndrome. Few years back, a news appeared in a popular US tabloid which mentioned a lady in her mid-30s who seduced her teenage son into cohabiting with her!

These incidences show that this age old anomaly is still prevalent in the society and manifesting its ugly head every now and then. The moot question lies in how to detoxify our society from such beastly acts. According to a psychologist, such incestuous act is the manifestation of sick mind and depends mainly on the upbringing and socialization of an individual. In many households, particularly in the metros, the living conditions are extremely deplorable.

In Mumbai alone, over 60% people are living in ghettos and shantytowns with corrugated sheets as roofs and four walls. In many instances, the situation is so grim that both the spouses sleep in the same small cubicles along with their young siblings and offspring. This cast wrong impression on the children’s nascent mind. Thus acts as the breeding ground for psychopaths.



 Image Courtesy: Odyssey

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